I, Fawzi Bidawi, pledge to:

  1. Make Scarborough Centre the best place to live in Canada,
  2. Make Scarborough Centre safer,
  3. Make Scarborough Centre more prosperous,
  4. Create economic opportunities,
  5. Promote equality of opportunity,
  6. To be accountable,
  7. To be transparent,
  8. to hold office with the upmost integrity,
  9. return my full salary back to the government,
  10. never use my expense account ever,
  11. lower taxes by finding efficiencies within government operations,
  12. never advocate or lobby for any personal relationships,
  13. never accept gifts,
  14. make decisions for the common good and not just special interest groups,
  15. never become complacent or arrogant towards my duties,
  16. provide residents with a resolution in writing to any issue they bring forward,
  17. hold weekly community meetings,
  18. to establish a consensus before presenting any new policy,
  19. and to serve Scarborough Centre’s interest only.
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