Our Team

Name:  Fawzi Bidawi

Occupation: Founder and president of CanDev Systems. CanDev Systems enterprise resource programs help businesses become better employers, better community members, and better for their customers. This system helps organizations deliver better service and products to their customers at a lower price.

Education: Paralegal, Law Clerk Diploma at Herzing College. Studied psychology at York University, and flight at Toronto Airways (currently with Canada Airways).

Accomplishments: I have published the most circulated Security Training Manual and I have established the largest Security Training School in Canada, 12 years strong.

Leadership: I have identified the real underlying issues within our community, developed solutions, and advocated for a better government. I believe in making responsible decisions that have a positive long-term outcome. I believe in making decisions with no fear or favour.

Hobbies: Aviation related. I love piloting aircraft.

Strengths: I have a strong understanding of economics, business, and politics. I continuously study organizational processes, whether it's government organizations or private organizations.

Attitude: Responsible, accountable, conscientious, goal oriented, hardworking, transparent, honest and not afraid to tackle any issue.

Favorite Quote: “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” John. F Kennedy

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