Who can vote

You can vote in Toronto’s municipal election if you are:

You may only vote once in the City of Toronto municipal election regardless of how many properties you own or rent within the City.
You must vote in the ward where you live.

Information for students:

Who cannot vote:

You are prohibited from voting on voting day if you are:

Are you on the voters’ list?

From now until the end of August, eligible electors can check to see if their name is on the voters’ list by visiting Voterlookup.ca.  After September 2, electors can check, add or update their information by using the City’s online tool MyVote 

Appointing someone to vote on your behalf:

If you are an eligible elector and are unable to vote for any reason on any of the voting days, you may appoint another eligible elector to vote on your behalf.  Find out how.


Identification (ID) is needed when you go to vote. Remember to bring one piece of ID showing your name and qualifying Toronto address. Your Voter Information Card cannot be used as a piece of ID.

Types of Acceptable Identification Showing Name & Toronto Address:

Learn more about Ontario regulation 304/13 for voter identification under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 as amended.
Printable list of identification

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